Now Offering Canewater Farms Produce!


So we’ve offered Canewater Farms amazing corn products for a while now. You’re probably familiar with their awesome grits, their polenta, their corn meal or flour by now (sidenote: their fish fry is killer, too!) What we haven’t been able to offer with regularity is their produce . . . not because we haven’t wanted to, but because logistically getting up to Darien has been tough with most of our other member farms being situated in South central Georgia.

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking here, but I want to thank you guys and gals first. What’s making this possible is the tremendous interest we’ve seen in clams and oysters from Sapelo Sea Farms, a close neighbor to Rafe and his crew out at Canewater Farm. With more folks supporting Georgia clams and oysters, we’ve been able to make more regular trips up to what Canewater likes to call “The Low Country”. This week we’re making the jump to commit to the drive every week for both farms, which means you’ll see both of their items weekly.

If you’d like to take a gander at what’s available on the order site, you may search by vendor using the search term “Canewater Farm” or “Sapelo Sea Farms”, and see all of their items on a page. Likewise, you may do this for any other local farm as well.




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