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Don’t See Your Area in the List Below? Would You Like Delivery In Your Area?

We’re always looking for volunteers to help make the club function more seamlessly. If you’re looking for a way to help out, and don’t mind carrying a few orders to folks in your town, give us a shout. Our volunteers enjoy the benefit of at-cost (wholesale) foods! The same goes for folks who would like to host a pickup at their home or business!

Home and business delivery is currently FREE for the following areas:

  • Brunswick, GA
  • Saint Simons Island, GA
  • Kingsland, GA
  • Saint Mary’s, GA
  • Woodbine, GA
  • Valdosta, GA

Important Delivery Information

Home Delivery:  Please leave a cooler (and ice packs in the cooler if you’ve ordered cold items) if you anticipate being gone at any point during your delivery day. When we arrive we’ll load your items into the cooler you’ve left. Because this is a members club with no delivery fee, we ask that you leave ice packs in your cooler

Business Delivery: We’re happy to deliver to your place of business, and will ensure that your items arrive before close of business. Our delivery window for you is set between the hours of 1:00-4:00pm. If you have any special requests, needs, or would like to let us know exactly how to find you in your office complex, building, etc, please shoot us an email to



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4 thoughts on “Free Home & Business Delivery Info

  • Lora Lee Carver

    Please let me know when home delivery becomes available in the Douglas, Ga area. I am not driving currently due to health reasons and don’t have a vehicle. I am interested in your products as I am trying to improve my health. Thanks

  • Loretta Holmes

    Hi! I just learned about Dirt Road Organics and I have signed up but not placed an order yet. I live in Blackshear, GA and I heard there was a local delivery site here. Where is it and what day of the week do you deliver in this area? I want to order, but I didn’t see that info posted. Thanks ! I look forward to patronizing this great service !