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We’ll cut to the chase so you don’t have to read a bunch of fluff. Here we go:

What it is:

The “Always Open” or “24/7” feature is a software improvement that allows us to continue offering items over the weekend. In the past, orders would open on Monday’s and close on Friday’s. When they’d close we would call in our orders with our distributor and local vendors.

So What’s Changed, Other Than The Obvious?:

We’re still placing our distributor orders on Friday, so the distributor-listed produce you see on the site over the weekend is what we like to call our “extras”. Extras are the remaining produce for a given full case that we’ve placed an order for. More simply, when we call in the order on Friday and we’ve only sold 35 lbs of bananas out of a 40 lb case, we’d have 5 extra lbs available when they arrive. With this new “always open” feature, we’re able to remain open over the weekend offering these “extras” as inventoried items.

Weekly Deadline:
The order deadline for each week’s (Tues/Wedn) delivery/pickup is 9pm, every Sunday. At 9pm, we will close the current order and immediately open the next week’s order. Please have your order paid for before 9pm on Sunday. At 9:01, the prices of products (even the ones in your cart, if you haven’t paid yet) will change to reflect the new order cycle’s pricing. Any orders placed after that, will be for the following week’s delivery.

Local Farmers and Vendors:

As of this writing (03/12/17) all of our local farmers  and vendors have elected to keep their items up on the order site over the weekend. We’re so glad, too, as we’re hoping this is a more convenient way for them to sell more of the food they’ve grown. While everyone loves a farmer’s market, it’s sometimes hard on the farmer who must pick, prepare, package, and transport their food to market, and then sit stationary for a good part of the day. Most farmers we know are tied to the farm during the week, and then tied to the market on the weekend, leaving little time for the rest and relaxation that so many of us expect and desire out of our own weekends. So with that being said, we hope this new feature is a huge help to our farmer friends!



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