andrewAndrew Danner

Founder, & Tech and Order Support

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m the guy to call if something isn’t working on the website or ordering system, or for any issues or suggestions you may have.

In my free time (HA!) I love to catch up on some recreational reading. Whether it be a Steinbeck novel or a Bukowski short, I’m happy to get any extra time behind the cover of a book.

Music was a big part of my life pre-marriage and kids; I played in a few bands, and ran my own concert promotions and booking agency. My favorite part about the music business was meeting tons of new (and very interesting!) people. I’m excited to do that again with Dirt Road Organics!

My passion for organic foods started before our first daughter, Willa, was born. Cory and I had considered ourselves “foodies” up to that point, but quickly realized we had a lot to learn about healthy eating.  Cory, being pregnant,  wanted to eat as healthy as possible, and so our organic journey started by growing our own small non-gmo garden in the backyard. We continued to eat organic and replace as much of our pantry as we could with organic food, but found there just wasn’t much selection in the grocery stores.  An organic co-op of some kind was needed!

So . . . here we are, a little over four years after starting our journey, embarking on a new adventure with our family. We invite you to join us on this journey, and can’t wait to make you a part of our organic family. . . and as part of that family, you should know that Cory told me that this ending was “incredibly cheesy”. I’m keeping it.



Cory Dannercory1

Co-Founder, Operations Manager & Vendor Receiving Specialist

Hello!!  My name is Cory.  I am a mother of 2 busy little bodies, wife of 10+ years, and a photographer of all things!  Let me say, it feels so weird talking about myself, but I’m going to give it a go anyway and get to the point…

I love food.  Seriously, nearly nothing makes me happier than eating good food other than knowing that said good food is also nourishing my families’ bodies and keeping us healthy(although a bit fluffy at times)!  I began really paying attention to what I was putting into my body when Andrew and I first started thinking of having a baby.  We started by switching to only organic or raw milk.  We moved on to only grass-fed meats and then to the dirty dozen.  The more we learned the more of a priority it became.  I am a bit of a fact and statistics addict.  I get focused and just try to sop up all of the unbiased information I can so that I can be sure to make a good decision for my family.  After all, they rely on me to give them the absolute best I can.  I take it seriously, even though we do fail sometimes.  I mean, we are still human and give into Chic Fila like the best of them!haha

Once this became priority, trips to Jacksonville had to be planned to fill our pantries and freezer.  We had to try to find local farms for our milk and eggs.  I couldn’t believe how hard that was to find!  Luckily, I had a friend decide to start up an organic food co-op.  It was right after I had my 2nd child…only 12 months after my first!  I was terrified of the thought of the 2 hour ride down to Jax with 2 babies to shop for a months worth of groceries!  There had to be a better way to take care of our family.  April Renau (now McPherson) started the The Organic Co Op of Southeast Ga and I was able to help her get it off of the ground.  It was SOOO nice to have fresh organic produce, and a ton of it!  We had very minimal options and then, all of a sudden, our refrigerator was filled with way more fruits and veggies and herbs, and much less to-go boxes!  Cooking with fresh, organic, food tastes so MUCH better than conventional food.  I mean, the difference is unreal.  Organic strawberries can be smelled 2 rooms away!  That has to say something about taste.  Like I said, I LOVE food.

Well, now we are wanting to move back to where my family is from in Bickley, Ga.   The family has a little bit of land out there and we want to build our little homestead on the same land my Papa farmed.    I began looking for what our options would be for clean, locally grown foods.  There wasn’t much at first glance.  I dug a little deeper and found a good number of local farmers, and a LOT of other people wanting the same as I did.  Thus, Dirt Road Organics.   We are so excited to help bring this to our area!    We seriously want everyone to have the luxury of fresh, local, organic foods and we want to help connect the farmer to the family.

The explosion of support we have received since starting this is PROFOUND!  We are blown away by it and definitely motivated to make this a huge success for our South Georgia communities!




Willa Danner

Creative Assistant & Junior Taste Tester

Hi, I’m Willa, and I REAAAALLY love helping mom and dad work on their projects. I’m a good helper. My favorite thing to do is. . . draw. . .and paint. My next favorite thing to do is eat! I love all kinds of cheeses, and am a sandwich deconstructionist. There is no sandwich that i cannot deconstruct.

When I’m not playing with food or paint, I’m outside playing with my little sister. We like to catch bugs, and frogs, and lizards.


audreyAudrey Danner

Assistant to The Creative Assistant & Junior Taste Tester

Hi, I’m Audrey, and I love taking care of people. I have a bunch of baby dolls that I take care of everyday, and I have some horses, too. Not real horses. Maybe one day.

Mom and dad say I’m a great eater, and I get really excited about trying new foods. My big sister is my best friend. I like playing outside with her in the sandbox!

Tom KuettnerTomKuettner

Valdosta Delivery Coordinator & Vendor Receiving

If you know your goats, you probably know Tom, too! You might have also heard of his incredible goat milk soaps that are sold right here at Dirt Road Organics.

Tom started with us on our first day of orders, and has been our most dependable volunteer, hands down, since. From the beginning he’s shown up every order/pickup day to help Cory unload, station, and pack all of our incoming vendor orders. After receiving some requests for delivery, early on, Tom jumped right in and took on the role as our official Delivery Coordinator.


Connie & Mackenzie Bridges 

Order Fulfillment Coordinators

A homeschool mom & daughter team, Connie and Mackenzie volunteered early on to help sort orders, and over the last few months have helped streamline the order fulfillment process. Connie’s spirit animal/bug  is the bee. She is a worker bee, and without her the D.R.O. hive just wouldn’t be the same. To describe them both in a few words, these ladies are dependable, methodical, hard working, honest, and knowledgeable. They are a tremendous and constant blessing for our small D.R.O. family!


Brittany Lytle 

Social Media Coordinator

We started looking for a social media coordinator when Cory and I realized our plates were getting full; no pun intended.  Cory and I are so passionate about healthy living and healthy eating that, for a while, we weren’t sure we’d ever find someone that matched our enthusiasm and desire to get out the word on the thousands of benefits of the many foods we offer at Dirt Road Organics. Enter Brittany Lytle. When Brittany first found us she was, admittedly, extremely excited to have found a healthy eating alternative to the standard grocery store fare. Her excitement soon turned into social media recipe posts and pictures of what she was making at home with her D.R.O. purchases. It wasn’t long before we realized we had a foodie on our hands, and after putting out a call for volunteers to help manage some of the weekly tasks for the buying club, Brittany volunteered right away. . . We knew EXACTLY where her talents were needed.

If you are looking for a killer recipe, a few cooking tips, or just want to know more about….well, anything food? Brittany is your lady!