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Please make sure to read the Membership Agreement on the sign up page. New Membership Sign Up can be found here.

Becoming a member is easy, and free, and there’s never a minimum order requirement. Order as much as you want, when you want it! And, because we know that everyone likes to choose what goes in their grocery bag, we’ll never limit your options by pre-determining what we want to put in your bag because, well, we don’t want to make that choice for you. Our members enjoy buying food a-la-carte, just like you would if you were to step into a grocery store.

So what’s the difference between Dirt Road Road Organics Buying Club and a grocery store? Here are just a few things that set us apart from your big box grocer:

  • Organics – It’s what we’re all about. Clean organic food can be found in abundance here! And . . . you don’t have to search high and low for it!
  • Local Grown – We have one of, if not the largest selections of local produce, herbs, meats, cheeses, yogurts,  oils, and dry goods, etc etc,  in South Georgia.  And when we say “local” we really mean it!  We’re not talking about items from North Carolina or South Florida. We’re talking about Georgia grown foods!
  • Online Ordering – Order you  groceries from the convenience of your couch. Don’t wait in line or spend your valuable time mulling around the grocery store.
  • Orders Bagged and Boxed . . & Delivered?! – Before you arrive at your pickup location we’ll already have your order bagged and boxed. No waiting! We do ask that you transfer your food into your own reusable grocery bags so we can wash and reuse them, and so you have a chance to confirm that all of your food is where it should be. If you’ve chosen a home or business delivery option we hope that you’ll enjoy the convenience not offered by most grocery stores and tell your friends about us!