Frequently Asked Questions


What is a buying club?

A buyers club or buying club is a club organized to pool members’ collective buying power, enabling them to make purchases at lower prices than are generally available, or to purchase goods that might be difficult to obtain independently.

Are your prices better than grocery store prices?

Yes. Almost always.

So what’s the difference between Dirt Road Road Organics Buying Club and a grocery store?

  • Organics – It’s what we’re all about. Clean organic food can be found in abundance here! And . . . you don’t have to search high and low for it!
  • Local Grown – We have one of, if not the largest selections of local produce, herbs, meats, cheeses, yogurts,  oils, and dry goods, etc etc,  in South Georgia.  And when we say “local” we really mean it!  We’re not talking about items from North Carolina or South Florida. We’re talking about Georgia grown foods!
  • Online Ordering – Order you  groceries from the convenience of your couch. Don’t wait in line or spend your valuable time mulling around the grocery store.
  • Orders Bagged and Boxed . . & Delivered?! – Before you arrive at your pickup location we’ll already have your order bagged and boxed. No waiting! We do, however, ask that you transfer your food into your own reusable grocery bags so you have a chance to confirm that all of your food is where it should be, and so we can bring the boxes/bags back with us same-day to wash and re-use for your next order. If you’ve chosen a home or business delivery option we hope that you’ll enjoy this convenience not offered by most grocery stores and tell your friends about us!

So what’s the difference between Dirt Road Organics Buying Club and a traditional co-op?

  • A-la-carte food – Co-ops generally offer pre-determined boxes or bags of food. Dirt Road Organics Buying club, however,  was born out of the idea that folks should have full control over their food selection process each week. Our custom made software rings in the 21st century for food clubs; allowing for the easy splitting of bulk cases without the time, math, and pre-order restraints and requirements that a traditional co-op is faces when figuring out their weekly orders.  As former co-op members we can’t tell you how many times we received the same items in a co-op bag week after week. It was disheartening, and kept us shopping at the grocery store for the few items we could find just to add some diversity to the mix. While we are big time supporters of seasonal foods and eating that way as much as possible, we realize not everyone wants to eat kale and sweet potatoes every week. We sure don’t!
  • Variety – For most of South Georgia, co-op food options are limited. With Dirt Road Organics Buying Club you’ll find a large and diverse selection of organic and clean local foods. And when we say “local” we don’t mean Kombucha from Central Florida, or Green Beans from North Carolina. We mean Georgia grown local foods.
  • Transparency – Traditional co-ops tend to list only a set-cost for a bag/box of food, but what co-op members may not always realize is the actual cost of the food they’re purchasing, and how it compares with what they’re being charged. On the Dirt Road members store you’ll see the actual wholesale (what it can be purchased for when purchased in bulk) cost of each individual item, and our member markup is clearly displayed in your shopping cart at checkout. We think it’s important that club members know the actual cost vs. what is being charged because we want you to compare club prices with your grocery store, or with your co-op if they’ll allow it.

Where do i place an order? 

Our order form is open to all members. Please refer to the membership page and sign up for access to our weekly order site where you’ll be able to view all of the food options. If you have questions before signing up shoot us an email at .

Are the prices seen on the site the wholesale price?

Yes. We want you to know the actual wholesale price per unit.

What is the “member markup”?

We want good food to be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial standing. When we first started the club in 2015 we wanted to be completely transparent with the real cost of food, and the cost of keeping the buying club doors open. Instead of charging members an up front membership fee like many buying clubs, we decided we didn’t want to do that. There were too many folks that were uninterested in dropping that kind of coin upfront in the hopes that they’d find what they were looking for, food-wise. Instead, we offer no annual membership fees, and instead keep the doors open by a percentage based member markup on each order that is placed.  The good news is, that even with the club markup, we are still below grocery store organic prices almost every single time. Plus, we like to keep things interesting by offering awesome sales and promotions on items that you won’t see at your big box retailer. When you look at the actual wholesale price in the online store, compare it to your grocery store organics pricing. You’ll notice that they’re generally marking up (from wholesale) their items anywhere from 55%-350% per item!

How do I get my food?

We have pickup locations in Alma, Blackshear, Brunswick, Douglas, Hahira, Camden County (Kingsland, Saint Mary’s, Woodbine) Saint Simons, Tifton, Waycross, and Valdosta where food can be picked up once a week. We also offer delivery to select locations in Camden, Glynn, and Lowndes counties.

Do you need help loading/unloading food the day of delivery?

Absolutely! We will always be appreciative of help. We’ll thank you for your volunteer efforts by discounting your grocery order as our way of saying “thank you”. Each week we’ll be looking for two or three volunteers to help with pickup. If you would like to be one of these people, write Cory at and she’ll get ya set up. Buying clubs survive because of volunteer efforts. They fail when the club becomes more of a shopping experience and less of a club experience. We hope to keep this family strong and vibrant, and we can always use your help in doing it. If sorting food boxes isn’t your thing we have a host of other things we could use the volunteer help on. Let us know your super power and we’ll find a way for you to use it!

Where is the food coming from?

We work with local farmers and a regional organic distributor to bring fresh clean and organic foods to you. Much of the produce is grown in our state or region, but we also offer other items that aren’t currently available regionally.  Check out our “Local” section where you can find and purchase what’s being grown, made, and raised close to home.